Artists - Inquire Within!

`Acrylic, wood, copper….whatever the medium, we are seeking artist who produce unique, quality products, would enjoy additional sales, and harbor an unfilled social conscience.

Transitioning away from a more conventional drop-shipper to one that highlights original arts and crafts that typically sell in the $75 to $300 range, from our website and ad campaigns we will coordinate with you the sale of your works, and use a slight margin to give back to accredited organizations involved in the development of our disadvantaged youth.

An example of a sales revenue breakdown is:

  • 60-65% back to the artist
  • 10-15% to support operating costs
  • 25% in donations

Pretty straight forward; we exist to give.

If you have work you would like us to consider marketing, please fill out the form linked to the green 'Artist's Info' button below.

To submit questions or hear more about our business model, contact us via the main menu. We would enjoy hearing from you and will respond as quickly as able.

Again, our goal is to remain plain and simple, and to return as much revenue as possible into donations.

Thank you and be well. The Caawazi Team.